POD (Print On Demand) for garment selection  from cut and sew, decoration, marketplace arrangements and marketing.  Enabling mass customization in more reality!

Maximize your profit on E-Commerce by POD

You can choose online or offline methods to connect with your sales channel, and then use our cloud platform to produce, ship and manage your orders, “once the order received”

Industry 4.0 technologies: “On-demand Production is a process where goods are produced only when they’re needed and in the quantities required.”

“ODP E-commerce”

Order Manager

Manage every order from every channel in one place.

Order Manager also features full status visibility
and customer service tools, giving your
team a complete view over orders.

Product Manager

Your on demand product catalogue for printed,
personalizable and virtual stock products.

Product Manager gives you complete
control over your products.

Order & Production List

A simple list of all the orders you receive,
before they are scheduled for production.

It can be used for very basic workflow too.

Proof Manager

For B2B customers that create new, one off
products for their customers and want an
electronic sign off process to add to their workflow.

Increases efficiency and removes the hassle
from the proofing process.

Create Your Own Products

Creation, management and publishing tool for personalized, customized and print on demand products. It enables you to manage your products and makes it easier to get your print-on-demand products to market.

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